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GFI LANguard 12.1

Manages and repairs computers in a network
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Optimize and maintain the functionality of all machines connected to your local network by remotely scanning them with the utility and applying some of the specialized tools for vulnerability tracking, update checking, patching, etc. It works with switches, routers, access points and printers among others.

GFI LANguard 9.0 is a network and security scanner. This program scans your network and ports in order to detect, assess and solve security vulnerabilities. The Network Audit tab in the program´s interface includes the buttons to perform different scans. You will be able to launch a Quick, Full or Custom Scan, or schedule a scan to be performed at a given moment. GFI LANguard will perform scans in your network, analyzing its security and suggesting actions, if it founds some problem. When a network scan is complete, GFI LANguard’s will show you a brief description of the results. You can see more details using the "Analyze Scan Results" button. You can press the button "Remediate Vulnerabilities" to fix the found problems. The program will then download and deploy the patches that will solve the problem, in case that this is the solution to solve the security issue. In some cases (e.g. Administrator passwords), GFI LANguard won´t be able to solve the issue, but will show you how to do that yourself.

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